Skirt & Head Dress

As I already mentioned, the most time consuming part of my final design was creating the dress. The estimating time of creating it from start to the end is about 8 full days (and some of them were 12 hours at college days, where we had to run out before getting locked in). The reason it took so long was I think the fact that it's all hand sewn, but also at the beginning I didn't have a set plan of how exactly I will be creating it, and I lost quite some time trying different ways.

Here is some more step by step photos of creating. All of them were taken during workshops.

At this point, sewing the frills on was completed and all I had to do is secure the feathers on.
I did buy a lot of feathers and at the beginning I thought to use many, but after seeing the dress once completed, I changed my mind a bit and only used a few feathers here and there. I didn't want to cover all the work I just put into it, plus I liked it more like that.


                                                                             Close up of the dress without any feathers

My next step was creating the head dress. For this I used a metal hairband (eBay) and garden wire, moulded onto it. I covered this construction in pink ribbon and sewn all the edges together. I than used different feathers on the ends of the wire and sewn in little crystals.  

Chloe modelling my piece for me

Chloe modelling my piece for me

My head piece before adding the gems on.

Martyna x