HND Final Graduation Show

On Monday June 1st we had our final graduation show. I was amazed by everyone's creations, I can't believe how good and thoughtful they were. We had many amazing pieces, showing off personal styles.

It was definitely an emotional day, and looking back at it, even though it was only yesterday, it all seems very far away. We had many amazing people coming to see the show, not only our friends and family but also loads of people from the industry, who got a chance to view the show, our portfolios and marketing stations with business cards and copies of CV.

It was a very incredible day with a few moments of pure panic, but over all I think it was one amazing experience. From this point I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped and supported me for the past 2 years, it was definitely not easy trying to juggle college projects, work and personal life, but you guys have made it possible. I can not believe it's over already and that I will never again have to complete a logbook! :) #LogbookSisters

Shout out to my wonderful friends who I met on the course, thank you so much for setting the bar as high as you did, constantly pushing the over all level of work higher and higher. Without you I would have not come as far as I did.

Thank you to all the incredible teachers I was lucky enough to have for the past two years! There was a time when I would not even dreamed about finishing one of the best courses for hair and makeup in London, and here I am so overwhelmed by the fact that it is actually happening! Thank you for showing me things I would not even consider makeup related, from all the history background informations through mask and dress making to wig knotting, which in fact is now one of my favourite things to do :) If there is one thing that makes the course so valuable is your expertise and encouragement. Thank you.

Martyna x