Final Practise for Body Painting & Makeup

On Friday 29.05.2015 I spent the whole workshop trying out the makeup and body painting.
Unfortunately the pictures don't reflect the colours properly, therefore makeup pictures aren't really good. It was good to practise though, as it gave me some kind of an idea what I want to do. Again, keeping with the skirt, the colours of body painting and makeup are mostly green, blue, purple, pink, orange and red.

        Base colours on. Legs will be green going into blue. Body will be purple going into pink.  

I've added shimmery powders (Kryolan HD Powders) on top, creating a sheen that I really loved

I've added some details in gold and tried to paint something like peacock feathers on the bust but I didn't like the result of it. I will keep the body simple with just washes of colours and sheen on top. For the photo shoot I will use nipple covers and for the show I will create gel effects

Here are some pictures of the makeup I practised on Chloe. It's a very rough one as I spent on it only about 40 min, still trying out and changing details as I go. One thing I know for sure is that I didn't really like that much blue on the face, it looked a bit too strong and harsh. I will be swapping the colours on the face for more of the purples, pinks and oranges. Also the lips will be purple or dark purple. I will keep the blue on the eyes but in a little bit of a different way. I will also add some green.

Martyna x