Assessment & Photoshoot

On Wednesday 27.05.2015 it was our final assessment and a photo shoot of our final design. We had 3 hours to complete body painting, hair and makeup. Safe to say it was very hectic and I'm still not sure how I even managed to finish it running over by just 15 minutes. We didn't have any assistance (we will on the day of the show). I am happy with the result but most of all I am very happy that I got to do a final run before the show on Monday. I now know what I will be adding and what slightly changing. It was a very good thing to do to help me realise how to manage the time on the day of the final show.

Here is some behind the scenes from the day of the photo shoot.

Photoshoot in class

I also took a time laps video of me creating the look. The quality on the bigger screen seems to look a lot worse than on the mobile phone, but still hopefully good enough to see something ;)

After the photo shoot in class I had my own team coming in to take some more photographs. 
Massive thank you to Bart Pajak and his assistant Cameron Bensley for taking these pictures.

Also I could have not done it without my great model Magda!
I am amazed and very pleased by the results!

Martyna x