3 Days Before The Final Show- Last Minute Adjustments & Rehersals

On Thursday and Friday we spent time rehearsing the running order and preparing our marketing displays. It was time for any last minute changes and adjustments. I fixed my dress, adding extra layers of material to the under side of it and I also created my boob covers using gel effects.


Here is some fun photos from the rehearsals.
(Click on the photos to keep it moving).


Also, I can finally reveal my budget as at this point I know exactly how much I spent and, unfortunately overspent!
(Some of the materials I bought did not even make it into the design and some, like the necklace did not match the rest, so I didn't use it. Majority of the stuff I still have loads left, but I guess it will encourage me to recycle it for other projects).


* eBay order:
- Crinoline
- Tule material
- Organza materials
- Hairbands
- Feathers
- Small feathers
- Necklace
- Net Tutu Tulle
Fabrics, various colors….£115

* Body Paints….£40
* Crystals….£5
* Kryolan HD Powder x2….£17
* Invisible thread….£2
* Accetate….£6
* Purple Paint….£6
* Wet wipes x4….£4
* Primark
- Shoes
- Pants….£17

* Recycled (already had)
- Body Pigments
- More body paints
- Glitters
- Makeup
- Nipple covers
- Surgical tape
- Hair products

- Pink ribbon
- Gelatine

* Travel, catering on the day....£30

* Weeks of preparations and hours put into sewing....priceless

TOTAL: £242

This price does not include model, photographer and videographer.

Martyna x