Selecting the theme

I have been in two minds for many days- I could not decide on my final theme.
It was down to two concepts: dark, mysterious and gothic or lively, colourful and vibrant.

I know, quite an opposite!

To help me choose, I decided to create another set of mood boards on Pinterest, just so that I could feel the tone and atmosphere of what I was eventually planning to design.

Now I was pretty much already set on this type of theme,
when all of a sudden I spotted these two pictures:

For some reason, looking at these photos got me thinking about vibrant colours and next
thing I know is I had this "light bulb" moment when I decided to do...


So to back up my idea, I have done yet another mood board.

When I saw all the colours and textures, I knew I am done. My colour theme was decided and all I had to do now is to
create a costume design, that would incorporate peacock's characteristics. I was quite relieved, because I felt like there
was that pressure about deciding what to do for the final design. I was very happy with what I chosen as I feel like the 
colours is very much my thing. I can't wait now for it to be finalised!

Martyna x

Click here to see more of my mood boards on Pinterest.

Note: all the right to photographs and paintings belong to authors and I only used them for the purpose of my research.