Development Of Final Design

For my costume I've decided to create a piece, that would resemble a peacock's tail.
I wanted it to be big and flowing, yet not heavy, so that it's still easy to wear for my model.
Deciding on the materials I am going to use, I thought of frills, tulle, netting, ribbons and feathers.
I ordered it via ebay. I also went to B&Q to pick up some sticks, wires, glues and pliers.
Soon after I was ready to start.

"Peacock's Tail" - Making the piece

Base of my dress was crinoline (bought on ebay), cut in half and stabilised with bamboo sticks, hand sewn into the edges of the dress. I needed the piece to be stiff enough so that it won't loose the shape, but also light enough to be picked up.

This bit of creating the dress took roughly about 5 hours, spread between the 7th and 13th of May 2015.

                                                                                                                         It's up!

                                                                                            Me & the needle during workshops

My next step was to cover the dress first in coloured netting and than in material on top, so that later on it will be easier for me to sew into this instead of my crinoline directly, to avoid ripping the crinoline material. All the sewing from this point was done using an invisible thread.

After the dress was covered in material, I started sewing in the tulle. I wanted it to look like frills so I cut up straight pieces, scrunched them up and put them together in different variations of colours, creating bunches of frills. The
pieces to go on top of the skirt were mostly blue and green with a little bit of purple, pink and white. As I was sewing
in the rows nearer the bottom, the colours changed to pinks, purples with a little bit of light blue and white. I wanted
the transition in colour to be a very subtle and well blended one, so there was a lot of thought put into how I chose
the colours in each bunch.

The sewing process was a really time consuming task- everything done by hand to make sure it's definitely stable.
To prove it during one of the workshops, Jacob put the skirt on and tried how strong it feels white twerking. Safe to say the dress passed the exam! :D Also, it was good to see how it looks up- I could see some of the frills falling straight down so I needed to secure them with invisible thread.

Martyna x