Let's get started!

As a part of my Final Project for the 2nd year of my HND Specialist Hair & Makeup
course in West Thames College I am creating a blog, which will follow my progress
on this assignment. I am going to present the research as well as the development
of my project. 

Each of the 2nd year students have to come up with an unique design, based on
one of the art themes from our project brief. The art themes are: 

  • Nudes
  • Portraits
  • Nature
  • City life
  • Primitivism
  • Fantasy
  • Literary subjects
  • War
  • Religion
  • Death
  • Post war politics


Using my blog I will display initial research of ideas, development of design and final
planning towards the end of year show. I will be showing my progress throughout this
project with pictures to support it, but if you feel like it's still not enough, feel free to
follow me on instagram and twitter! ;)

Martyna x