HND Final Graduation Show

On Monday June 1st we had our final graduation show. I was amazed by everyone's creations, I can't believe how good and thoughtful they were. We had many amazing pieces, showing off personal styles.

It was definitely an emotional day, and looking back at it, even though it was only yesterday, it all seems very far away. We had many amazing people coming to see the show, not only our friends and family but also loads of people from the industry, who got a chance to view the show, our portfolios and marketing stations with business cards and copies of CV.

It was a very incredible day with a few moments of pure panic, but over all I think it was one amazing experience. From this point I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped and supported me for the past 2 years, it was definitely not easy trying to juggle college projects, work and personal life, but you guys have made it possible. I can not believe it's over already and that I will never again have to complete a logbook! :) #LogbookSisters

Shout out to my wonderful friends who I met on the course, thank you so much for setting the bar as high as you did, constantly pushing the over all level of work higher and higher. Without you I would have not come as far as I did.

Thank you to all the incredible teachers I was lucky enough to have for the past two years! There was a time when I would not even dreamed about finishing one of the best courses for hair and makeup in London, and here I am so overwhelmed by the fact that it is actually happening! Thank you for showing me things I would not even consider makeup related, from all the history background informations through mask and dress making to wig knotting, which in fact is now one of my favourite things to do :) If there is one thing that makes the course so valuable is your expertise and encouragement. Thank you.

Martyna x

3 Days Before The Final Show- Last Minute Adjustments & Rehersals

On Thursday and Friday we spent time rehearsing the running order and preparing our marketing displays. It was time for any last minute changes and adjustments. I fixed my dress, adding extra layers of material to the under side of it and I also created my boob covers using gel effects.


Here is some fun photos from the rehearsals.
(Click on the photos to keep it moving).


Also, I can finally reveal my budget as at this point I know exactly how much I spent and, unfortunately overspent!
(Some of the materials I bought did not even make it into the design and some, like the necklace did not match the rest, so I didn't use it. Majority of the stuff I still have loads left, but I guess it will encourage me to recycle it for other projects).


* eBay order:
- Crinoline
- Tule material
- Organza materials
- Hairbands
- Feathers
- Small feathers
- Necklace
- Net Tutu Tulle
Fabrics, various colors….£115

* Body Paints….£40
* Crystals….£5
* Kryolan HD Powder x2….£17
* Invisible thread….£2
* Accetate….£6
* Purple Paint….£6
* Wet wipes x4….£4
* Primark
- Shoes
- Pants….£17

* Recycled (already had)
- Body Pigments
- More body paints
- Glitters
- Makeup
- Nipple covers
- Surgical tape
- Hair products

- Pink ribbon
- Gelatine

* Travel, catering on the day....£30

* Weeks of preparations and hours put into sewing....priceless

TOTAL: £242

This price does not include model, photographer and videographer.

Martyna x

Assessment & Photoshoot

On Wednesday 27.05.2015 it was our final assessment and a photo shoot of our final design. We had 3 hours to complete body painting, hair and makeup. Safe to say it was very hectic and I'm still not sure how I even managed to finish it running over by just 15 minutes. We didn't have any assistance (we will on the day of the show). I am happy with the result but most of all I am very happy that I got to do a final run before the show on Monday. I now know what I will be adding and what slightly changing. It was a very good thing to do to help me realise how to manage the time on the day of the final show.

Here is some behind the scenes from the day of the photo shoot.

Photoshoot in class

I also took a time laps video of me creating the look. The quality on the bigger screen seems to look a lot worse than on the mobile phone, but still hopefully good enough to see something ;)

After the photo shoot in class I had my own team coming in to take some more photographs. 
Massive thank you to Bart Pajak and his assistant Cameron Bensley for taking these pictures.

Also I could have not done it without my great model Magda!
I am amazed and very pleased by the results!

Martyna x

The day before the assessment

On Tuesday 26.05.2015 (last day before the assessment and photographic shoot) I spent the whole day adding some final touches to the costume and creating a mood board with a face & body design. I did a face chart of the makeup I will do on the day and I decided on the hair.

At the beginning  I wanted the hair to be very big and elaborate. Later though, as I was finalising my idea for the costume and origins of it, I have realised that big hair won't really match what I will be doing. Instead, I opted for a sleek bun at the nape. 

Here is some pictures of my finalised design for the body, hair and makeup.

Everything ready for the photo shoot!

Martyna x

Final Practise for Body Painting & Makeup

On Friday 29.05.2015 I spent the whole workshop trying out the makeup and body painting.
Unfortunately the pictures don't reflect the colours properly, therefore makeup pictures aren't really good. It was good to practise though, as it gave me some kind of an idea what I want to do. Again, keeping with the skirt, the colours of body painting and makeup are mostly green, blue, purple, pink, orange and red.

        Base colours on. Legs will be green going into blue. Body will be purple going into pink.  

I've added shimmery powders (Kryolan HD Powders) on top, creating a sheen that I really loved

I've added some details in gold and tried to paint something like peacock feathers on the bust but I didn't like the result of it. I will keep the body simple with just washes of colours and sheen on top. For the photo shoot I will use nipple covers and for the show I will create gel effects

Here are some pictures of the makeup I practised on Chloe. It's a very rough one as I spent on it only about 40 min, still trying out and changing details as I go. One thing I know for sure is that I didn't really like that much blue on the face, it looked a bit too strong and harsh. I will be swapping the colours on the face for more of the purples, pinks and oranges. Also the lips will be purple or dark purple. I will keep the blue on the eyes but in a little bit of a different way. I will also add some green.

Martyna x